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LED Football Light

- Professional high efficiency LED lighting for stadium case; -Multi angles for different solutions; -2 to 10 times brighter than conventional MH, HPS and HID; -Anti glare optical lens design; -Strong lighting structure that against rainstorm and typhoon; -Easy and fast...

    Product Details

    -Professional high efficiency LED lighting for stadium case;

    -Multi angles for different solutions;

    -2 to 10 times brighter than conventional MH, HPS and HID;

    -Anti glare optical lens design;

    -Strong lighting structure that against rainstorm and typhoon;

    -Easy and fast maintenance. 



    Power Source:          100/277 VAC, 12/24 Volts DC

    Nominal Power:        1080Watt

    Comparable:            2000Watt MH/HPS

    Power Factor:           > 9

    Luminaire Efficacy:     140 lm/W

    CRI:                      7080/85/95 available

    operating temperature: -40°C to 65˚C

    Color Temperature:     2800-3500K, 5000-600K, 6500-7500K 

    Size:                     802.8x595x128MM

    Weight:                  25KGS

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