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Outdoor Badminton Court Lighting
badminton court lighting design Outdoor Badminton Court Lighting
Product Details

Create dynamic lighting scenes and special effects that keep fans coming back for more.
The Arena Series delivers consistent, precise, dimmable light to eliminate shadows and maintain uniformity while exceeding the stringent demands of HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording.
Take control of your venue and transform the entire fan and player experience with a solution that embraces the action of the game.

Light efficiency
IP66, -40˚C to +65˚C
Input Power
AC 95-295V Or DC12V/24V
Optics System
5 , 10 , 25 , 40 , 60 , 90 , 120 Degree
Dimmable Available ; Anti-Glare System , Suitable for any occasions

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